Construction Works

Our construction work activities cover BSS sites and MSC sites

  • BSS sites

    This activity consists of technical room design, site preparation, power, and electrical work, air conditioning, telecom work (BTS installation ,Antenna ,Feeder ), transmission work (PDH,SDH), all kind of tower monopoles ,self support up to 80 meter towers
    BSS Services Cover:
    All services related to site installation, commissioning, and validation. Our teams can work under pressure and in harsh conditions to deliver our services in relatively very short time. Our scope of services covers the following:
    Shelter, Electrical wiring, distribution board and automatic transfer switch, Earthing system, Air conditioner, Masts/towers, telecom work (BTS installation ,Antenna ,Feeder ), transmission work (PDH,SDH), Generators - whenever needed.

  • MSC sites

    This activity consists of civil work, false ceiling, raised floor, power and electricity work (design and implementation), earthing, generators, MDF and central air conditioning, fire fighting UPS, Rectifiers...Etc.
    The MSC department staff experiences has performed installations of switches for more than 300,000 subscribers per switch, 1000 m2 of area, 1000 KVA generator, 300 KW capacity of Air Conditioning and 200 KVA of UPSs.
    MSC Services Cover:
    The MSC Production Department's main task is to build switch sites & install the required environmental equipments as per the following stages: Switch site survey, Design of all necessary works for switch site preparation, and installation of the materials & equipments.

  • Sites modifications

    Covering both electro mechanic and radio works, our teams are capable of repairing and/or modifying all types of needed works for the sites including the MSCs.
    The electro mechanic works for the sites modifications covers:
    o Concrete design & construction for Towers foundation and shelters slabs
    o Fencing
    o Painting
    o Raised floor
    o False ceiling
    o Furniture

  • General technical workscope

    The technical works for the construction activity can be defined under the:
    Civil work:
    o Shelters roof / double roofs – repairing, removing or installing
    o Shelter door – repairing, removing or installing
    o Raised floor & false ceilings – adjusting, repairing, removing or installing
    o Power cables – changing of rout, removing or installing
    Electrical work:
    o Installation, commissioning and testing of Earthing system, mesh grounding
    o Installation, commissioning and testing of Generator sets types of CAT, FGWilson, SDMO, MICO, METES which have any kind of engine likeJohn Deere and Perkins.
    o Installation, commissioning and testing of Batteries for all VRLA types
    o Installation, startup and Testing of UPSs types MGE and SOCOMEC
    o Installation, startup and Testing of Rectifiers types Eltek, PowerOne, Ascom and Saft
    o Installations of all types of distribution boards and panels
    Security work:
    o Fire alarm
    o Fire fighting systems
    o Access control, and security doors system
    o CCTV systems
    o Central alarms system.
    Mechanical work:
    o Precision, comfort air-conditioning system
    o Ventilation system
    o Isolation system for generator's room to reduce noise level
    o Sanitary works
    o All steel works type.
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    • Training We are investing in enhancing and certifying our people through extensive training programs in the various aspects of our business (i.e. management, technical and safety).
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