Network Monitoring

  • We implement a monitoring solution based on open source software, which alerts the company and System Administrators about any network problems. Most times this is brought to your attention by your customers or employees. The software allows monitoring of complex IT infrastructures and localizes malfunction sources fast and efficient.

  • Easy to handle - quick fault analysis
    The Linux based monitoring solution scans and evaluates the status of different systems and appliances, which are defined by the customer. Doing so, Y-Link helps to localize and correct errors. The collected data can easily be recalled from any internet access worldwide through the web interface. The notification of occurring errors can also be made via e-mail, SMS or telephone depending on the customers desire and in a defined hierarchy. With this escalation management errors can be fixed before they become critical problems.

  • One stop solution
    Y-Link offers the monitoring-solution as a ready to use application including hardware, software, configuration, implementation and maintenance. Regular update assures that the system always works on state of the art technology.

    Overview of the features:

  • Monitoring of network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING etc.)

  • Monitoring of host resources (hard disc and memory use, log files, running processes etc.)

  • Monitoring of dependent environmental factors such as temperature

  • Easy plug-in design for improved handling

  • Possibility of a defined network host hierarchy for identification and determination of unreachable and functional disturbed hosts

  • Notification of problems on multiple predefined channels. i.e. e-mail, SMS, pager etc.

  • Distribution of different messages to the relevant user groups

  • Support during implementation of redundant and decentralized monitoring servers

  • External user interface for different modifications

  • Disruption of notification during times of planned deactivation

  • Web interface for control of network status, notification and all issue history

  • Possibility of issue confirmation via the web interface

  • Easy authentication scheme for definition of user rights

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    • Safety Policy Environmental, Health and Safety regulations are considered to be one of the indispensable borderlines that have been guiding the way for Y-Link.
    • Training We are investing in enhancing and certifying our people through extensive training programs in the various aspects of our business (i.e. management, technical and safety).
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