Opearations & Maintenance

The objective is to maintain the GSM network elements (MSC/BSC/BTS) and to handle malfunctions in order to ensure a continuous operation of the network. It comprises both preventive and corrective maintenance and covers environment, radio equipments, and transmission.

  • Main maintenance activities:

    o Perform planned preventive maintenance (PM) on routine basis for BTS, BSC, Nodal transmission & micro BTS sites through out the country on the following Environment & Radio systems:
      • Radio eq. (BTS, Microwave equipments)
      • Power systems (Battery, Rectifier, Generator)
      • Cooling system
      • Fire alarm & fire fighting systems
    o Perform corrective maintenance requests on 24hrs. 7 days a week basis.
    o Handle quality improvement requests to improve site/network quality problems by using specialized tools
    o Repair or replace defective equipment or components on site. Execute site repairs, minor production work, and special technical & non Technical work as needed.
    o Manage an inventory control system of client spare parts between our client warehouse & our various satellite office warehouses.

  • O&M Support activities

    o 24 hours hotline service to handle all incoming alarm from the client's Network supervision team & communicate it to the respective zone office.
    o 24 hours Technical Support Unit responsible for providing the following services:
      • Coordinates all client requests with various operations offices
      • Provides Technical support to all maintenance Engineers while troubleshooting alarms
      • Provides continuous training to the technical staff
      • Implement & update technical updating procedures
      • Performs site audits
    o Analyze corrective maintenance requests (alarms) to identify repetitive problems & come up with technical solutions to rectify or eliminate fault causes.
    o Research & develop engineering solutions to enhance site/network quality, performance, efficiency, reliability &/or operability.
    o Monitor site quality performance indicators, fuel & oil consumption rates, battery measurements ...etc. Report & take corrective action as necessary.
    o Analyze equipment /system faults found between preventive maintenance tasks, investigate causes, & take corrective action to prevent re-occurrence. Alert client of external problems affecting site condition.
    o Liaise, coordinate, & execute work between client & public organizations i.e. TE, Electricity company etc...
    o Make an annual file per site to show site performance, development, and current status & identify means for improvement.
    o Make cost analysis to determine annual site expenditure

  • Facility management software system (FMSW)

    Y-Link have developed a great software tool that can manage and save all data of work in various locations so we can optimize our teams and minimize the cost of the operations, in addition, the FMSW is considered a great tool helping to gain our client’s satisfaction as it:
    • Meets the increasing demand of reports requested by clients
    • Meets the impulsive changes in the quantity & quality of data requested by clients.
    • Flexibility in adapting to future demands for any type of reports by only a click.
    • Improves time management & effectiveness
    • Highlights any repetitive problems and analyses the reasons for effective action

    FMSW covers all sides of our work scopes:
    • Total Site Information and its updates
    • CM & PM data
    • Spare parts Management (In, out, movements, … etc)
    • Extra Work orders and its data
    • Technical Reports for each sites
    • Improvement recommendations

    The FMSW can generate any kind of reports needed by the client:
    • Sites current full data
    • Daily, weekly, monthly or annually alarms & PM reports
    • Various quality indicator reports
    • Sites handover reserves and their status at any time
    • Spare parts movements per site
    • Generators PM, CM & Fuelling reports

    In addition this software can generate any other needed reports very easily.
    • Quality Principles Our Quality Policy is to develop, produce, and deliver on time, products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.
    • Safety Policy Environmental, Health and Safety regulations are considered to be one of the indispensable borderlines that have been guiding the way for Y-Link.
    • Training We are investing in enhancing and certifying our people through extensive training programs in the various aspects of our business (i.e. management, technical and safety).
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