• Our virtualization services help companies finding benefits and adopting it in their IT platform. At Y-Link, we have been supporting our clients with their virtualization needs specifically with Citrix and VMWare virtualization solutions.
    Even Microsoft HyperV virtualization is whithin our IT service deployments.

  • In a traditional way, there are several servers used for different applications, one server for Oracle, one for Microsoft, another one for Linux, and so on. This ends up with a huge of servers to manage, which wastes resources and consume more power. Virtualization can cut the use of the hardware to serve up the needs of the different software on fewer servers. Running Oracle, Linux, SQL Server, Microsoft server and more, all on the same server is one of the benefits of virtualization.
    • Quality Principles Our Quality Policy is to develop, produce, and deliver on time, products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.
    • Safety Policy Environmental, Health and Safety regulations are considered to be one of the indispensable borderlines that have been guiding the way for Y-Link.
    • Training We are investing in enhancing and certifying our people through extensive training programs in the various aspects of our business (i.e. management, technical and safety).
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